A/Prof Craig Allingham: Clinician | Author | Educator

January 19, 2022 Dr Doug Cary Season 3 Episode 26
A/Prof Craig Allingham: Clinician | Author | Educator
Show Notes

Physio+10 focuses on the journeys of trailblazing Physiotherapists and today's conversation is with A/Prof Craig Allingham.  Apart from carrying the Olympic flame, Craig has illuminated many vanguard areas of physiotherapy. Being a sports physio when there was no such course, creating books on Men's health when the topic barely existed, and incorporating business concepts into a mostly, sole practitioner based-industry.

In this conversation with Craig we learn;
* what Craig & Monty Python have in common
* the benefit of stepping outside of our normal boundaries and asking questions
* how doors open when opportunities are explored
* and at the end, you will hear 2 stories describing a 180 degree U-turn, on what we think makes a therapeutic relationship work

Craig's first ten years as a physio consisted of public hospital, start a practice, post-graduate study, sell a practice, move house five times, travel with a national sports team, join sports physio group committee, go to several APA Conferences and have two kids. Then it got really busy.
Now in the twilight of his career, Craig looks back on four Olympic Teams, academic appointments, headlining international conferences, several major changes in professional direction, retiring then unretiring and his current job description is as a 'Freelance Physiotherapist'. It has been brilliant fun.
Texts mentioned in the podcast:
The Prostate Recovery Map
The Prostate Playbook

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