Jenny McConnell AO Clinician | Educator | Researcher | Author

August 10, 2021 Season 2 Episode 20
Jenny McConnell AO Clinician | Educator | Researcher | Author
Show Notes

Physio+10 focuses on the journeys of trailblazing Physiotherapists and today's conversation is with Jenny McConnell. Along with other famous 'M's in the MSK field (i.e., Maitland, Mulligan and McKenzie), Jenny followed a clinical passion that has helped us to better help our clients today.

In this conversation, Jenny

  • Explains the origin of her interest in patellofemoral pain, and how the name 'McConnell Program' was coined
  • Discusses the key challenge of client compliance and her solution - BMS
  • Emphasises the importance of specialisation and 
  • Details the key milestones that stand out in her long career as a physiotherapist

Jenny McConnell is a physiotherapist working in private practice in Sydney, Australia, and is a fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapy.

Jenny has been involved in research into patellofemoral, shoulder, and lumbar spine problems. She has published widely in these areas and has lectured extensively and conducted workshops around the world on the management of chronic musculoskeletal problems – patellofemoral, lower limb, shoulder, and spine. Jenny has a visiting senior fellow position at Melbourne University.

In 2009 she received an Australia Day Honour from the Australian government being awarded a member of the Order of Australia for service to physiotherapy as a practitioner and researcher, particularly through the development of innovative musculoskeletal pain management techniques and treatment. Jenny is currently on the editorial board of the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, Manual Therapy as well as the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

You can watch this conversation with Jenny here.

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