Adnan Asger Ali Clinician | Owner | Health Advocate

February 28, 2024 Season 3 Episode 57
Adnan Asger Ali Clinician | Owner | Health Advocate
Show Notes

Adnan has a couple of unique physio-moulding stories. Firstly, Adnan grew up in KL Malaysia where his parents owned a sports store, and afternoons after school were spent 'testing'  all the sports gear. Secondly, his younger brother drowned in a fish pond, but fortunately, Adnan was able to pull him out and he was later revived in hospital. 

Adnan has sped through an undergraduate degree, 3 Master's qualifications and co-owns two clinics with 25+ staff. He has also been heavily involved in committees, boards and elite sports for a decade. 

During our conversation, Adnan reflects on;

  • when is the ideal time to start a Masters qualification 
  • the benefits of being involved in committees
  • his internal motivator 
  • his standard answer to a request
  • his #1 hot tip for building your list in a competitive practice

You can also watch our conversation here.

Thanks for listening.

Adnan Asger Ali is the co-founder and principal physiotherapist of Accelerate Physiotherapy in Canberra. A dual-titled physiotherapist, Adnan has completed postgraduate studies in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and pain medicine. He is the current chair of the APA Musculoskeletal Group and is passionate about manual therapy as well as the breadth and depth of the physiotherapy profession.

On top of his clinical work at Accelerate, he has been a tournament physiotherapist at The Australian Open since 2022, delivered manual handling training for Corporate Work Health Australia to numerous government and private companies and acts as a tutor and lecturer on APA courses, on top of being named the Allied Health Award's Physiotherapist of the Year for 2023, proving that physiotherapy is a diverse profession with many options for early career physios if they are willing to think out of the box! 

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