Libby Soderholm Clinician | Entrepreneur | Director

November 29, 2023 Season 3 Episode 53
Libby Soderholm Clinician | Entrepreneur | Director
Show Notes

Libby and I shared undergraduate and later on post-graduate training together. I have always admired her tenacity and conviction to go her own way. In our conversation, Libby described how a range of strategic decisions she made through her career, have now culminated in financial independence so that in her 50s (another strategic goal) she can do the things she wants to do.

  • Which country to live in - partly for tax reasons
  • Where and why she would undertake her training
  • To open her own clinic with her husband and in so doing started a new way of treating clients that has become a norm today
  • Investing in positively geared real estate, against a trend and general advice, as a way to generate passive income
  • Developing skills and experience to enable her to sidestep into a parallel career

As we come to the end of our conversation, we look back and realise that the early decision of having to choose between a career in health, economics or architecture, was not necessary and that with time all three have inadvertently been achieved.

Thanks for listening.

You can also watch our conversation here.

Libby Soderholm is a Non-Executive Director, Consultant, and Sports Physiotherapist with experience in governance and leadership.  

Her passion is clinical governance and leadership in business and organizations. She has a Diploma in Business Management and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Having done extensive Business consulting and lecturing in her field. Libby is the Australian Representative for IPPTA, the International Private Physical Therapy Association.  She is Chair of the South Coastal Health and Community Services Board and also sits on the risk and finance committee.  She is a board member for Curtin Heritage Living, which provides Aged Care, retirement living, dementia care and home care.  She is involved with the Australian Physiotherapy Association and sits on a variety of National committees such as the Business National Group, Leadership and Management, and the Western Australian APA Branch Council.

Libby has worked in governance in a variety of sectors including Health, Regulation (Ahpra) and Education boards.  In 2001 Libby was the proud recipient of the Kim Beasley “Service to the Community” Award.  Libby also worked at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 as a Sports Physiotherapist.  Libby previously owned and was Managing Director of 2 multidisciplinary Health clinics: Grange Physiotherapy in Rockingham and Mandurah Physiotherapy in Western Australia. Grange Physiotherapy was the recipient of the Small Business Award by the Chamber of Commerce in both 1999 and 2012 and was runner-up in the People's Choice award and a finalist in 2019.

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