Physio+10 with David Barton Clinician | Entrepreneur | Community Health Advocate

November 08, 2023 Season 3 Episode 52
Physio+10 with David Barton Clinician | Entrepreneur | Community Health Advocate
Show Notes

David's career spans 3 decades and has involved many aspects of Physiotherapy; public, private, business ownership and growth but he has a special interest in the broader issues and governance of health. Upskilling himself with an MBA, and chairman and director training, David has been involved in boards, reference groups, foundations and councils in both health and non-health fields. Most recently this has led to him being involved in the formation of groups focused on improving men's health. David has a lot of wisdom to offer and he happily shares his insights about our profession.

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David is a Physiotherapist in Busselton, director of the GeoBay multidisciplinary Healthcare Centre and co-director of Rubix Health, a digital health organisation focused on persistent pain. David has been deeply involved with leadership roles in the wider health, art and culture, local government, and community sectors in the south-west of WA over three decades. He was the cofounder and inaugural chair of the acclaimed WA film festival CinefestOZ. He is currently Board Chair of health care not for profit, GP down south, Regional Director for WA of The Man Walk and Deputy Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Men Healthier Together research foundation.  

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