Abbie Norrish Clinician | Persistent Pain Advocate

August 30, 2023 Season 3 Episode 51
Abbie Norrish Clinician | Persistent Pain Advocate
Show Notes

In her teens, Abbie experienced a significant neck injury that developed into persistent pain. She set herself a time-based goal, that if she as a Physio couldn't help herself, she would stop being a Physio.

Abbie is candid, joyful, passionate and focused. All qualities that steered her to where she is now as General Manager of Pain Revolution. She is a powerful advocate for women in leadership, solving challenges through collaboration and the importance of lifelong learning. It was a pleasure to touch base and share her journey so far.
Abbie is a physiotherapist and the General Manager of Pain Revolution, uniquely shaped by her own journey through persistent pain. Armed with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and a Professional Certificate in Pain Science and Education, she is a passionate communicator and facilitator in the field. Growing up in rural WA with the nearest healthcare a 3-hour drive away, Abbie developed a deep-seated passion for expanding awareness and accessibility to best practice pain care in rural and regional Australia. This commitment propelled her to her leadership role at Pain Revolution, a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to changing the way rural and regional communities understand and approach persistent pain through a community-wide approach.

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