James Schomburgk Clinician | Educator | Hollywood Script Writer

July 05, 2023 Dr Doug Cary - PhD. MSK Physiotherapy Specialist Season 3 Episode 49
James Schomburgk Clinician | Educator | Hollywood Script Writer
Show Notes

James has been a significant contributor to our profession through years of service in professional bodies, teaching at undergraduate & postgraduate levels, mentoring young clinicians, developing business owners and helping clients. But, as is the case with many conversations on Physio+10, you never know what will happen until you step through the door of opportunity and in James' case it was an invitation to head to Hollywood to write scripts for a couple of years.

James Schomburgk is one of the owners of The Second Visit, an international teaching and mentoring company, and Physio Practice Connect which connects overseas physios with Australian private practices.

The Second Visit helps physios in private practice to develop from junior to senior practitioners and become practitioners of choice in their communities through balanced, specific and targeted clinical and non-clinical education for physios in private practice. We help create happy, successful career physios who are the "go to" physios in their communities

He is a lecturer in Sports and Orthopaedic Medicine at the School of Medicine at the University of Adelaide.

He was also Director of Back in Motion Campbelltown and Valley View for 25 years.

He was the WorkCover South Australia Physio Advisor for 8 years, is an Expert Advisor to AHPRA (Australian Health Professional Registration Authority) and has been the National Chairman of MPA (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia).

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