Nick Schuster Clinician | Entrepreneur | Educator

May 03, 2023 Season 3 Episode 46
Nick Schuster Clinician | Entrepreneur | Educator
Show Notes

From the moment he walked out 1/2 way through his first job interview, Nick has been forging his own path. Now 40, Nick has experienced most things associated with the business world of Physiotherapy; including going into debt to buy his first business, expanding too fast, firing too late, crunched during the GFC and creating a very popular FB group where business owners get together, share a rant + electronic coffee, discuss common business issues and problem solve.

Nick has many stories to share about how to grow your business, and I am sure that listening to this episode will provide you with much to consider if this is your niche currently or in the future.

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Thanks for listening.

Nick Schuster is a 40-year-old physiotherapist, clinic owner, business coach, husband and father of 2, living in beautiful Northern Bayside Brisbane.

At age 21 he bought his first clinic on a credit card. Today he employs 25 people across 2 clinics.

In 2016 he created Ultimate Physio – a consulting business community of more than 1600 Australian private practice physio clinic owners, which is 1 in 5 across the country. He speaks to private practice physios and clinic owners daily and is at the absolute forefront of the challenges facing private practice physiotherapy in Australia today. Ultimate Physio’s flagship product is a 9-month business, leadership and personal development programme for physio clinic owners only which 69 clinic owners Australia-wide have completed since 2018 to give them more time, profit and freedom in their clinics.

He has written 3 books – one for patients in private physiotherapy clinics, one for physiotherapists, and one for clinic owners. You can view his books, courses and offerings at .

He enjoys 90’s music (particularly Radiohead and the Smashing Pumpkins), playing the piano, MMA (his dream is to have only one MMA bout), sailing and drinking a good quality ice-cold German beer 

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