Dave Hall Clinician | Facilitator | Entertainer

September 23, 2022 Dr Doug Cary - MSK Physiotherapy Specialist Season 2 Episode 38
Dave Hall Clinician | Facilitator | Entertainer
Show Notes

Physio+10 focuses on the journeys of trailblazing Physiotherapists and today's conversation is with Dave Hall (aka Disco Duk Duk). We are all unique in the way we practice our profession of Physiotherapy. However, some more so and I think you will agree that Dave brings his unique set of skills from outside Physiotherapy and incorporates them to create something completely amazing.

I first met Dave when attending an Occupational Health training course and immediately realised how different and engaging his teaching style/facilitation was.  The next time we met he was clad in green and gold spandex, which was entirely appropriate given the situation, but he will tell you more in the podcast.

Thanks for listening.

You can also watch our conversation here.

Dave is a Physio, Facilitator and Entertainer. His Physiotherapy work focuses on workplace Injury prevention including ergonomic assessments, risk assessments, manual handling training and more. Dave has worked in the field for over 25 years and combines his experience with a strong ability to build rapport with workers and other stakeholders in the work he does. 

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