Dr Doug Cary Clinician | Educator | Researcher

June 28, 2022 Dr Doug Cary - MSK Physiotherapy Specialist Season 2 Episode 34
Dr Doug Cary Clinician | Educator | Researcher
Show Notes

Physio+10 takes a little diversion in this the 34th episode.

  • Do you treat clients with #pain, spinal or otherwise?
  • Do you help athletes to #recovery & #rehabilitation
  • Do you help teach new motor skills, and encourage #healthyeating and #weightloss?

This 90-minute webinar looks at the direct and indirect effects short sleeping has on injury rehabilitation and how we as clinicians can positively help improve our client's recovery. At the same time, you will learn about other important benefits of restoring a regular, high-quality sleeping habit.

Included in this webinar are 2 clinical tests that I use on a daily basis to screen my clients for sleep-influenced spinal pain.

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