Craig Phillips Clinician | Educator | Entrepreneur

April 26, 2022 Season 3 Episode 31
Craig Phillips Clinician | Educator | Entrepreneur
Show Notes

Physio+10 focuses on the journeys of trailblazing Physiotherapists and today's conversation is with Craig Phillips. Craig in a past life danced with the Australian Ballet for 10 years, and one of his experiences in Turkey caused him to link sports medicine and the performing arts.

Craig has since been involved with Liverpool FC, the San Francisco 49ers, Riverdance and most of the AFL clubs in Australia. The link? Clinical Pilates injury prevention and/or rehabilitation. 

Craig talks about;

  • his early days being a male dancer in SA
  • the axe murderers & goat herders of Instabul in ED
  • developing a business in pilates equipment design and manufacture
  •  big picture Physiotherapy and the potential  involvement in health reform

Craig started his career as a professional dancer with the Australian Ballet, where he developed what was to become a lifelong interest in Pilates.

After graduating from physiotherapy in 1987 and receiving special project grants from the Australia Council, Craig undertook further training in the USA and UK returning to establish the first Pilates clinic in Australia within a major sports medicine clinic, Prahran Sports Medicine in Melbourne. He developed a leading reputation with major stage and touring shows such as Cameron Mackintosh, Riverdance, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and Melbourne Theatre Company, to name but a few as one of the first to manage performers as high-level athletes. He served 9 years on the Board of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science working closely with international performing arts medicine specialists.

He continues to work with Olympic medal winners, Institutes of Sports, English Premier League, Australian and British Defence Forces and has overseen published master's and doctoral research projects in Australian, New Zealand and UK universities.

The effectiveness and popularity of this treatment method led Craig to establish training for other physiotherapists. He continues to lecture and present extensively worldwide, to date has trained over 10,000 physiotherapists in Clinical Pilates.

Craig enjoys his work as a consultant treating patients, continuing his passion for developing and overseeing research projects in the Clinical Pilates program

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