Ms Nicole Bryant Motorsport Physiotherapist

March 18, 2022 Season 3 Episode 30
Ms Nicole Bryant Motorsport Physiotherapist
Show Notes

Physio+10 focuses on the journeys of trailblazing Physiotherapists and today's conversation is with Nicole Bryant. I really enjoyed Nicole's conversation, she is very honest and obviously relishes hard work. However, she nearly didn't start studying Physiotherapy, failed Orthopaedics and pretty much quit on several occasions before completing her degree. So what kept her going? 
While a conversation about her journey as a Physiotherapist, we touch on many issues relating to private practice, Nicole shares;

  • What she found challenging in her transition from a hospital-based to private practice based caseload
  • Her secret strategies in progressing from one job to another and how to obtain your dream job
  • An honest account of her current business mix that includes professional services to several motor sport racing crews
  • Her thoughts on the importance of planning and explaining career moves as a female clinician in private practice

Nicole is a highly experienced Physiotherapist with over 18 years in clinical practice. A regular attendee at conferences for Sports Medicine Australia, Musculoskeletal Medicine Australia and the Australian Physiotherapy Association Nicole is always keeping up to date with current evidence-based practice and bringing this to High Line Active.

Nicole strongly believes in a combination of Manual Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy plus Clinical Exercise to properly rehabilitate from pain or injury.  

Her career thus far has included professional stints in Melbourne, Brisbane and Cape Town (South Africa) in a variety of clinical settings including work at The Alfred Hospital across a variety of specialties; mainly Orthopaedics and Trauma including the Intensive Care Unit, Cardiothoracic and Transplant Units, Oncology plus private hospital Orthopedic surgery work, Private Practice Clinics (Revive; Brisbane and Tooronga Physiotherapy; Malvern). Also Occupational Health at Virgin Australia.  Her Sports Physiotherapy work has included numerous sports namely AFL (Hawthorn and Melbourne Football Clubs), Triathlon Australia, Cycling Queensland, Gymnastics Australia and Grand Slam winning tennis players on the ATP/WTA tour. 

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